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Unleash your Alters

Unleashing Your Alters:

The empowerment and freedom of understanding and embracing your sexuality through your Alters. 

The class will use role playing and Somatic methodologies to explore our BDSM Alters, Recognition of "Head Space" and using the Self Leadership model to increase the enjoyment and length of your scenes.
Class Includes:  

What are Alters?How to identify your own Alters.How to bring those Alters to life.How to use Alters to enhance your sex lives.

On Your Knees Now!, I think?

Learn how to be a Dom/me:

Your Partner wants you to be more dominant in the bedroom but you’re not sure what goes where? Learn tips, tricks, and tactics to unleash your inner Dom/me. 

Class Includes: 

How to get in the appropriate “Head Space” for both you and your Submissive. How to negotiate a scene.  What tools of the trade can you use to help you be a better Dom/me. What is Aftercare and why is it so important.

Think you know Foreplay?

Sensation Play:

We can all use some more tools in our erotic tool box. Learn how to use all the Senses to heighten and lengthen your playtime.
Class includes:
Sensory Deprivation what it is and how to use to improve the play experience.
Temperature Play: needs and uses in a good scene.

Texture Play: Applying different textures to the body.

Pervertibles:  Common household items to be used for eroticism.

Is there anything wrong with me?

Stop judging yourself.. ITS OK!

Understanding BDSM and Fetish as an alternative lifestyle and why you are not weird, whacky or alone. 

Class includes:

Basic understaning of the Term Fetish/BDSM, Why your not weird or alone, How to inform your Partner of your desires, How to introduce BDSM to your partner in a non-threatening way. without judgements and arguments. 

50 Shades Smarter:

BDSM and Fetish answers:

This demonstrative class/seminar uses lecture, Q&A, and interactions to help you be informed and navigate the great big world of BDSM.

Class Includes:

What is BDSM/Fetish? 

Why the community lives by SSC, (Safe, Sane and Consensual) and RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink). What Kinds of BDSM are there? How do I discover my Kinks?

Swing it, Swat it, Slap it, and Smack it:

Impact Class:

The Science and Satisfaction of Impact play: How to safely impact the body and bring pleasure out of pain. 

Class includes:

Basic Terminology. General and specific safety considerations. What happens to the body and brain during an impact scene and why it feels so good. Differing instruments one can use: Hands, Floggers, Canes, Paddles, and Pervertibles. 


The B stands for Bondage!


In this class you will learn the Basics and Safety of restraining up your partner.
Class includes:
Basic Terminology.General and specific safety considerations.Kinds of rope you can use and the pluses and minuses of each.Different knots and their use. 

Blow your mind

Science behind BDSM:

Why BDSM can be as rewarding as eating a good meal or having an orgasm?

Class includes:

What is cross-modal neuroplasticity. How does cognitive neuroscience explain the pleasure of BDSM. How you can use Salience enhancers to give your sub the ride of their lives.