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Carnivale Risque LLC.

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What we Offer!

101 Private Lessons


We will meet with you, either in person or through skype, to get the juicy insights and to determine what areas you want to go and explore with your partner. Our classes are designed to inform and educate people through tasteful in-home presentations where you have an opportunity to experience sensual ideas specifically created to enhance your romantic relationships. If you're ready to take your intimate life to a whole new level, we have just what you need.

Learn with friends


Do you have a close group of friends, who are open minded and ready to invest in their sexuality? host your very own kinky, sex positive event. Where we will come out, teach the selected subjects, share ideas, and put the new skills to the TEST! 



If you own or are a part of an organization, and you plan events and want us as guest speakers to teach, raise awareness of the kink, fetish, BDSM world.

Character interactions/ Entertainment


Our unique Characters are experts in bringing foot traffic to your venue, and interacting with the crowds. Carnivale Risque's  Conservatory trained performers, within the bounds of class and taste, bring to your venues and clients the truly seductive and sensual excitement of complete Alter Ego’s. These characters will tantalize, tease, interact and excite your client base and will insure they bring others back to your venue for a similarly unique experience.

Fetish Performance


We have gathered to us a plethora of personalities who share our love for the performing arts and Erotic Exploration. Our performers use the exotic tools of the BDSM lifestyle to emphasize the seriously exciting sensual world of the Art of Fetish.

Party Host/ Promoting


Carnivale Risque will use its unique platforms and promote your event in all our medias.
We will attend your event fully dressed in your theme. We handle introductions, greetings, service oversight so you can sit back and enjoy your party as we make sure your party is one of a kind. we also have a graphic designer in staff. If flyers for your event needed lets us know.

vetting a "Dom/me"


Are you unsure about the "Dom" you are about to submit to? do you trust he/she? are you sure about their skills as a Dominant? has he/she gone over rules, safe words..etc? if you answer NO to any of the questions above, we have just what you need. As the professionals that we are, we will meet with the individual, and we will ask all the necessary questions and give the necessary tasks to assure you that you are in good hands. "if you bring this up to your Dominant and the response is a negative one (hint) he/she has something to hide, you probably dont want to gift your submission to this individual"

Topping Session


interested in exploring your submissive side? Tank and Ellez gives a special twist to your scene by having a male and a female Dominant putting in work, not only do they work together but they have been married for two years! and the connection is incredible. Get a taste of this connection, this power exchange and take a ride with them, 2 different dynamics when put together as one it will take you places you've never thought youd go, or simply never thought youd want to go.  

BDSM mentoring package


Frustrated with all the scattered bdsm information available to you on the internet? here is a chance to have full access to our selected professionals. Via emals, text, skype, and in person. we have made ourselves available to the public on a more direct and personal way. We have different monthly packages available.

REAL scene for dessert?


This is a very special service Tank and Ellez offers. 

If you are someone who throws Elite very sexy private dinner parties! and looking to change your dessert pallet for your guest. Book us to get an exclusive real life BDSM scene at the end of your Dinner party, your guest will get to witness a real hard core scene for their eyes only. We will get input from you bout ur guest and what they may be interested in seeing and Carnivale Risque will bring their best players out to play.

Bachelor/ Bachelorette


Planning a Bachelor/ette party? but frustrated you keep running into the same ol same ol ideas over and over again?? well stop looking and book us today to plan, host, entertain and educate your event. We give it a new refresh BDSM twist. we turn something thats just fun for the night into an educational but fun night! what better time to learn and add new tricks to your foreplay goodie bag then right before entering this new chapter called MARRIAGE.

Rope Bondage sessions